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Simple Golf Swing Review

Simple Golf Swing Guru bannerSimple Golf Swing Review.  “The Simple Golf Swing” is a book designed so that anybody can pick up a golf club and learn to swing well.  Author David Nevogt offers a new and extraordinary approach to the swing that emphasizes a shortened back swing, giving you more power on impact.  Why the new approach?  Because the old one just wasn’t working.

Golf how-to books always tell you how the pros swing the club.  How many readers actually think they’re going to learn Tiger’s golf swing?  There are two points here: First, not every golfer’s swing is the same; second, the traditional approach to the mechanics of the golf swing just isn’t suited to some people’s natural body types.  As a result, most golf instruction books are inappropriate, even if they’re full of facts.

Nevogt’s book emphasizes the result.  The result is that, with some practice, anybody can learn how to swing a golf club correctly.  This system teaches you how.

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The Streamlined Approach

Another great advantage of Nevogt’s approach to the swing is that it cuts out all unnecessary motion.  To learn the typical golf swing, it takes hours and hours of practice building up your muscles.  While this practice is necessary to swing effectively, Nevogt teaches that it’s not necessary at all.  The traditional approach uses more of the body’s muscles, but this also includes unnecessary movement which is a burden to learn.  Anybody can learn to swing well without it.

All the old elements that make a great golf swing are there – the transfer of weight from trailing to leading side, the fast impact with the ball, the wrist cock.  The difference is that he focuses on rhythm and timing.  You don’t need to fuss over every particular of the shot if you’ve got it set-up right.  Proper body position and rhythm of execution is what you need most of all.  This is the streamlined approach to the golf swing.

The Keyword Is “Simple”

In “The Simple Golf Swing,” simple is the operative word.  This system simplifies the swing so that anybody can learn it.  It also presents the information in a simple fashion, so that you can read through the book and USE everything you’ve learned.  You can start lowering your scores immediately.  Nobody’s ever offered a quicker, easier or more effective way than this.

The book clearly and concisely covers set-up and grip, and then starts working on timing.  He gives you several easy drills that are meant to improve timing.  Timing is one of the toughest aspects of the game to get, and these drills are designed to make it easier.

In the final chapter, Nevogt shows you your new golf swing, which is simple, effective and consistent.  By the end of the book, you’re able to put this new swing to use and lower your score.  Not only is it powerful and accurate, its simplicity makes it easy to repeat, which means greater consistency.

“The Simple Golf Swing” is a great book for golfers with either a low or high handicap who are tired of difficult approaches to the golf swing.  The swing is something that should be simple and effective.  David Nevogt has put together a swing that is both, and a book that explains it in clear, easy language that anybody can understand.  As soon as you’re done reading, you’re ready to put it into action.

How to Break 80 Review

How to Break80 bannerHow to Break 80 review.  It’s estimated that only about 5% of golfers in the world today ever break 80.  While it’s the goal of every player, it’s pretty hard to get.  This book offers something remarkable to the reader – It shows you the steps you need to take in order to consistently break 80.

The author, Jack Moorehouse, doesn’t consider himself a golf professional.  He’s just a regular guy like any one of us who has figured out the secrets of this elusive game.  And since he understands that most golfers don’t have hours each day to devote to drills, the exercises in the book are designed to be done in a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  In other words, this technique is perfect for the weekend golfer.

But let’s start at the beginning.  First, he lays down the fundamentals.  Everything is covered – grip, posture, shoulder and arm movement, swing, follow through and everything in between.  Instructions are clear and detailed pictures are included.  Along the way, there are drills to help you perfect his key points.

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After he goes over the basics, focusing most of all on the swing, he goes into more detail on the finer points.  The first section here is on the short game.  As he says, it’s the “least sexy” part, but it’s essential for building up strength and accuracy.  The short game fills in the gaps for when you miss fairways and greens.

Next, he gets into sand play.  When you want to lower your score and below 80, it takes more than long distance shots to do it.  There’s always going to be a little sand, so he covers it in detail in the book.  The key is the bunker shot, and he provides a checklist and bunker shot troubleshooting guide to help you escape the sand.

After the “Putting It All Together,” where he covers some finer points of reading the greens and putting, and offers a few more simple but effective drills, he devotes a whole chapter to the mental aspect of the game.  These tips may be even more important than the specifics of putting, swinging and setting up shots.  More than just talking about attitude, this chapter talks about how to get adequately prepared for the game.  It teaches you to stay on track, get over bad shots so you can move on, ways to release tension and how to stay confident when things aren’t going well.

At the end of the book, he sums up the “The 10 Most Important Things You Need To Know To Break 80.”  This list goes over the key points in the book and each point has a simple summary.  This ties it up easily and shows you what are the main things you should take away from this book if you want to break 80.

Moorehouse’s book takes years of experience and study of the games, and puts it all together in language that’s easy to understand and straight to the point.  Not only is it informative, it’s also entertaining.  Known for his wit as well as his wisdom, Moorehouse makes each chapter fun to read, with a few chuckles along the way.

There’s nothing like the feeling the first time you break 80.  As the author says, “I felt like I owned the ball, the club, and the course.”  You’ve finally made it into the elite 5%.  This book is an excellent step-by-step approach to how anybody can break 80 and play their best golf.

David Nevogt Review

Golf Swing Guru bannerDavid Nevogt review.  This is a review of David Nevogt’s book, “The Simple Golf Swing.”  In “The Simple Golf Swing,” author David Nevogt offers a new, simplified approach that anybody can use to get a powerful, accurate and consistent golf swing every time.  This book couldn’t be more basic, and the tips it gives couldn’t be more useful.  Chapter by chapter, he walks you through the process of developing this new swing that’s guaranteed to lower scores.

The book starts with the set-up.  The set-up is probably the most important determiner of your swing, and it’s also the step that’s easiest to mess up.  Luckily, it’s the easiest to change.  David Nevogt gives you some guidelines on how to set-up, but also says that it depends on your comfort level.  If your shots aren’t effective or if you’re not comfortable, the set-up can be tweaked.  He tells you how each change will affect your swing.  To get just the right set-up, he provides some images and drills to get you into proper position.

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Set-up, grip and alignment are described in painstaking detail, along with a number of helpful diagrams.  Although it may seem complex the first time you read it, once you “get it” it all makes sense.  At the end of each section, he breaks down the key points again so that it is easier to digest.  These steps in the process are complicated, and to skip any pertinent details would be a huge mistake.

All golf instruction books cover these aspects of the swing, but what makes “The Simple Golf Swing” different is its approach to timing.  He says that it’s not essential to have perfect timing; after all, who does?  But bad timing can really hurt your swing, so it’s important to develop good habits.  Here he explains how to maintain good timing, and connects it to the back swing and down swing of your shot.

After a detailed explanation of the golf swing, David Nevogt breaks it down into the 5 steps to the “simple” swing.  This is the real meat and potatoes of the book.  These easy 5 steps are the core of his approach, and if followed exactly, they will guarantee a good, consistent game with long distance shots that don’t require major effort.

This section is where it all comes together.  It is full of wonderful pictures with arrows showing you how things should be lined up.  By each picture is a simple explanation that outlines a key point.  The text is full of details and descriptions, but these pictures actually SHOW you how it should all be done.  This makes learning each step along the way a piece of cake for golfers of any level.

If set-up correctly and executed with care, the golf swing should be almost effortless.  This is the idea behind Nevogt’s approach to the golf swing.  The market is flooded with books written by the top pros showing you how they do their swing.  The only trouble is that you’re not one of them, and this is why it’s impossible to master their approaches.  The traditional golf swing isn’t meant for everybody.  This is the great mistake made by instruction books of the past.  In “The Simple Golf Swing,” David Nevogt addresses this problem.  Through the pages of this book, with clear illustrations and explanations, he teaches a new way to minimize movement in the golf swing and play consistently.

Jack Moorehouse Review

How to Break 80 bannerHere’s a Jack Moorehouse review of his book, “How to Break 80.”  Finally there’s a book that teaches you how to break 80 using simple language and helpful diagrams.  Breaking 80 is the dream of most of the world’s golfers – 95% of them, according to a statistic quoted at the beginning of the book.  But somehow we can never quite get our scores low enough.  This book shows you how to break 80 in several easy steps.

One of the reasons that this book is so effective is that it addresses the weaknesses almost all golfers suffer from.  Author Jack Moorehouse takes all of his years of experience and the insights he’s gained them, and pinpoints the obstacles that every golfer needs to overcome to finally break 80.  “How To Break 80” offers a refreshing look at the game that benefits golfers of all levels.

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A Step-By-Step Process

In this book, Jack Moorehouse covers every aspect of the game of golf.  To start with, he leads the reader through a look at the fundamentals of golf.  He has a unique take on each aspect, going over the most common mistakes that he’s seen golfers suffer from time and time again.  These points are illustrated with pictures and diagrams to help drive it home.

Each chapter is peppered with simple and effective drills to help you work on your weak spots.  Each drill goes right along with the fundamentals he covers, and they are designed so that anybody can do them in minutes.  Because Moorehouse knows that few of his readers can afford to spend long hours each day on the course, the drills are quick and simple.

A Concise And Easy Read

One thing that makes this book stand out from all the others is that it’s easy to read and cuts right to the point.  Starting with the very basics, it walks you through trouble spots, written in clear language and not overly wordy.  The author has a sense of humor that crackles through the pages as well.  It’s concise, which makes it convenient for golfers who’d like to refer to key points.

Toward the end of its 80 pages, Jack Moorehouse offers a ten-point summary of the keys to success.  He summarizes the most important points of the book and puts it all together with quick explanations.  There’s a lot to think about if you want to break 80, but breaking it down in this simple fashion at the conclusion of the book makes it a lot easier to keep it straight.

Unique Features Of The Book

In “How To Break 80,” you’ll find great tips on short shots and sand putting.  As Jack Moorehouse says, these little details shouldn’t be missed.  It’s not all about making good drives and long shots.  Lots of golfers’ scores suffer because they’re not adept at making these short shots.  His approach to the bunker shots that get you out of the sand are extremely insightful.  In this section alone, the book pays for itself.

Jack Moorehouse also spends considerable time on the mental aspects of the game, and these are tips you won’t find anywhere else.  More than just telling you to relax, he teaches ways to release tension and concrete strategies that you can use.  He’s speaking from experience, and his instruction gets results.

“How To Break 80” is a great guide to lowering your score and becoming one of the 5% who beats 80 consistently.  It’s fun, engaging and full of insights that you won’t find anywhere else, covering everything from perfecting to swing to getting mentally ready to shoot.

Tips for Curing A Golf Slice

Golf Swing Guru bannerEver golfer’s goal is to defeat his sworn enemy, the bane of his existence – the slice!  The slice keeps your ball from going where you want it, and instead sends it in a wild, out of control arc.  Eliminating slice is the key to lowering your golf score.  Here are some tips to help with curing the slice.

Get A Grip

Make sure that your grip is right.  Your left hand (if you’re right handed) should be gripping the shaft, and the line between your thumb and index finger should be pointing straight at your eye.  Once the left hand is positioned this way, cover it with the right hand, and put your left thumb in your right palm.  Grip it firmly but not too tight.  Too much tension makes it tough to release.


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Thumbs Up

Here’s an easy way to check if your grip is right.  On your follow through, your grip should release, as we mentioned above.  When you’re practicing your swing, take a look at your grip.  When you pass through the impact position, your hand should be positioned so that you’re giving a thumbs-up.

Get Your Shoulder Down

When you swing, make sure that your leading shoulder goes down with it and not out.  If your shoulder goes out, this means that you’re hitting the ball from outside to in, and this is the main cause of the slice.  Check yourself out in the mirror if it’s tough to tell.

Ball Position

Check to make sure that the ball is positioned correctly.  Especially, make sure it isn’t positioned too far forward.  If it is, you’ll end up swinging the club in an arc to hit it, which means that you’ll be hitting it from outside to inside.

Make Your Follow Through Follow Through

The follow through is just as important as the set up, backswing and down stroke.  Your arms, eyes and shaft should be aligned with the original address, with your spine tilted slightly to a right angle.  You’ve got to go all the way through and not hold back.  Lots of golfers don’t realize they’re doing this, but holding back on the follow through makes you slow down as the club approaches the ball.  Proper follow through ensures good balance, and this reduces slicing.

Do Some Drills

There are tons of great drills out there to help you eliminate slice.  Drills build up muscle memory, and each that you master improves the accuracy, power and consistency of your shots.  Once these drills start to become comfortable and natural, you’ll see major improvements in your swing.

Flatten Your Plane

Slices occur because the angle of the downswing is too steep, and this makes the open part of the clubface hit the ball.  Learning how to make your swing flatter is a great way to reduce slicing.  Try bending over the ball more when you swing.  You should simply be rotating your shoulders, and when you get it right the first time, you’ll feel the difference.  This is a more relaxed position, and it will make the entire swing flow more naturally.  It’ll also help you with balance and power.

It can be tough to tell exactly why you’re slicing, but figuring this out is essential to stopping it.  Take some time, learn some drills and practice.  It’s always a good idea to get back to basics and review every aspect of swinging, from grip to follow through, to make sure you’re not missing something.  Once the slice has been banished, you’ll see huge improvements in your game.  This is a major step for golfers who want to take their game to the next level.

Tips to Stop Slicing the Ball

Golf Swing GuruJust when everything seemed to be going alright, along comes the slice and your game is ruined.  Slicing the ball is a common problem for golfers of all levels.  Here are some helpful tips to stop slicing golf ball.

Position Of The Ball

Make sure your ball is where it needs to be.  One thing that causes slicing is having the ball too far forward.  By the time you hit it, the club is on the way back up, and the open clubface will send that ball veering way off to the right.

Check Your Grip

Review the basics of the grip: The leading hand should hold the club, with the line between the finger and thumb pointing towards your right eye.  Cover with your trailing hand gently, and put rest the leading hand thumb naturally in the palm.

Make sure the grip’s not too tight and not too loose.  It should be flexible but firm.

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Keep Your Shoulders Down

Make sure that your shoulders, and especially the leading shoulder, go down with your swing and don’t go out.  If your shoulders go out, you’ll be hitting the ball outside to in, and this will make a slice.  Check in the mirror if you’re not sure.

Get Into The Swing Of Things

Also, you should review your golf swing basics.  Arms should rotate at a 90 degree angle, and the rest of the body should follow it in a natural, flowing motion.  Your follow through should leave the trailing side hip pointing forward just a little.  Keep everything nice and relaxed.

Focus On Hitting The Ball

One way to improve accuracy is to stop at the top of the back swing and visualize the path of the ball.  Imagine it going in a straight line, and visualize the motion it’ll take to get there.  Stopping and reflecting like this will help you keep your focus.

Follow Through All The Way

Let it swing and let the club go all the way around after impact.  If your club doesn’t end up all the way back, that means that you’re slowing down before you hit the ball.  Proper follow through is just as important as the stance, swing and impact.  Like a baseball player who swings the bat until it hits his back, you want the club to go all the way around.

Ease Up A Little

Sometimes slicing is caused by trying to “kill” the ball.  Hitting too hard makes you lose control.  Spend some time practicing hitting short shots, and this will build up a little finesse.  Get in the habit of using natural energy and not trying to whack the ball to Kingdom Come.

Practice Drills

Drills help a lot in reducing slicing.  A drill is a great way to challenge yourself by hitting the ball using awkward positions; once you get used to it and start swinging regularly, you’ll see improved aim.

Try practicing with your feet completely together.  Another way you can do it is to step about 12 inches back and try swinging from there.  These exaggerated positions build your awareness of your movements while playing.  Once you get good at swinging this way, swing regularly and you’ll see great improvement.

Slicing is a common problem that every golfer faces at some time or another.  Try out these tips and you’ll see your score start to drop as your accuracy improves.

The Pros and Cons of Golf Books

howtobreak80 bannerGolf takes a little bit more “studying” than other sports.  If you’d really like to see some improvement in your game, there are always new things to learn.  That’s why you see more golf books, videos, websites and other materials than other sports.  In fact, it’s almost essential for anybody who wants to learn the basics of golf to crack a book at some point.

Golf books offer tips, advice and techniques about the game.  But is it really worth your money and time to get into golf instruction books?  Let’s consider the pros and cons.

Golf Books Vs Instructors

We all know that getting a golf instructor is a great way to improve your game.  It helps a lot to have somebody who is not only an experienced player, but also good at explaining core concepts.  A good instructor can analyze your swing and make suggestions for ways to improve it.  There’s nothing quite like one-on-one, personalized golf instruction.

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However, if you’ve ever worked with an instructor, you know it’s not cheap.  Most of us can afford a few lessons here and there, but books offer a much cheaper alternative.  Even if you are working with an instructor, a good golf book can offer tips, fill in gaps and help by reinforcing what you’ve learned on the course.

In a way, golf books offer an even better teacher than your golf instructor.  Books by Jack Nicklaus, Ernie Els and Tiger Woods take their winning techniques and give it all straight to you.  These instruction books are invaluable.  It’s like taking a lesson from the pros themselves.

Golf Books Vs Videos

The internet is full of golf instruction videos, so who needs books anymore?  Golf videos have a distinct advantage over golf books: You can actually see what’s going on.  It’s like taking a free golf lesson right in your own home.  With a video, pro golfers and instructors can demonstrate techniques so that you can see them.  It’s the next best thing to having a golf lesson.

While videos are helpful, golf books offer a few advantages that they don’t.  Golf  books are more than just something to read; they’re reference materials to guide you along the way.  You can always check back for something important you read, or bookmark especially relevant pages that you’ll refer back to again and again.  You can save videos and try to keep track of where the important points are, but it’s not nearly as easy and convenient.

Golf Books Vs The Internet

The internet has it all, from golf instruction videos straight from the pros to web pages full of written golf instructions and detailed pictures.  Just entering “golf” into a search engine will bring up thousands of relevant results.  There’s a whole universe of golf tips to read online.

The only trouble with this is that it can be a little overwhelming.  How many of those search results are going to be complete junk?  How many are going to entice you with a tip or two and then tell you that you’ve got to buy the product?  Of course, the product may be excellent, but it’s a lot of stuff to sift through.

On the other hand, a good golf instruction book written by a knowledgeable golfer is all you need.  If you can lay your hands on something complete and concise, you’ll have a great reference book to refer to time and time again.  The key is to find quality golf books.  You can always check the internet when you’re looking for a specific tip or bit of information.

In spite of all the videos and websites available today, golf books never go out of style.  The bestsellers of the past are still in circulation today.  This is because golf books present clear, relevant information that’s easy to use.

The Key to More Distance in Golf

Golf Swing GuruReady to take your golf game to another level?  Often, the key to getting there is to develop longer distances in your drives.  There are lots and lots of ways to do this, and the best techniques differ somewhat from one golfer to another, but here are some great ideas for getting more distance out of your shots.

Body Position

Lots of golfers lose distance because they don’t rotate their bodies correctly during the swing.  In order to rotate smoothly, you’ve got to have a straight back with your shoulders up.  Lots of folks round their backs and droop their shoulders, and this keeps you from getting the distance you want.

When you’re addressing the ball, keep your shoulders up.  Your chest should be tipped just a little bit toward the ball and your stomach should be in.  With a posture like this, you’ll be able to twist fully and naturally, and this is what will give you more power, and thus more distance.

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Relax And Be Gentle

The drive is the big shot that sets the tone for your whole game.  Because of the pressure we feel, it’s usually the tensest shot.  Lots of us feel tense whenever approaching the ball because we want to make it count.  We might also be nervous because we know that a missed shot is going to make things tougher for us.

One of the surest ways to increase your distance is simply to relax.  This might be tougher than it sounds, but it’s guaranteed that ever pro golfer has their own strategies for getting themselves in the zone before they play.  Some chant a little mantra, some tell themselves positive thoughts, some visualize something that relaxes them.  Some realize that, no matter how high the stakes are, it’s a game and it should be fun.  Whatever it takes, get your mind and body relaxed, and you’ll see a lot more power in your shots.

Relaxing also helps to keep you from “killing” the ball.  It makes sense, right?  The harder you hit the thing, the farther it will fly.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t exactly work this way in the world of golf.  One reason is that your club is designed for distance.  That means you don’t have to swing it like a maniac to get it where it needs to go.

Try A Weighted Club

Weighted golf clubs are a great training tool that can help you hit longer distances.  They offer a wide array of benefits.  Practicing with a weighted club, you’ll stretch and build up muscles that you need for hitting longer drives.  After using a weighted club, your regular one feels like a toothpick and you’ve got more control over it.

Even better, a weighted golf club can help you work on your swing.  To hit longer drives, you need to pick up speed on the downswing, preferably in the last few feet before impact with the ball.  Weighted clubs are great for practicing this.  To improve your accuracy, use a weighted club to make small shots.  Once you get the hang of it, it will be much easier to hit long drives.

With the right training and muscle strength, hitting long distance shots becomes effortless.  You’ll have the other guys wondering how you do it.  Try out a few of these ideas and see what works.